How many people got burned by the 2017 correction?

Thursday Mar 1st, 2018


[Note: the analysis from this blog post was referenced in a Globe & Mail article in March of 2018.] The calendar just turned from February to March. That means February real estate statistics will be released next week. And that means we're going to be seeing harsh year-over-year (YoY) price comparisons for the next few months. If you want a fun drinking game, have a shot every time you hear or read the media use any variation on the word "plunge" related to... [read more]

Toronto's housing stock turns over more slowly than you'd think

Monday Dec 17th, 2018


Earlier this year, Statistics Canada released some housing info for the Toronto (and Vancouver) area that had housing stock info. I previously used the information for a blog post, "How many people got burned by the 2017 correction" which ended up being used in a Globe & Mail article. But I've been curious for a while as to just how much of Toronto's housing stock is on the market at one time, and how quickly things turn over. I did the calculations a long time ago but... [read more]

Is Renting for Suckers?

Monday Nov 28th, 2016


The Globe & Mail ran an article by Rob Carrick yesterday entitled "Why do Canada's renters get such a bad rap?" In short, it says as house prices keep climbing, we've got to get over this narrow-minded thinking. photo via Architectural Conservancy of Ontario I certainly agree with his overall point, but I found one of his statements curious. When quoting Canada's home ownership rate at 69%, he stated "That’s one of the highest rates of... [read more]