February 2019 charts: TREB wants a boost after another poor sales month

Wednesday Mar 06th, 2019


Here's your Toronto real estate market report for February. Another slow month has TREB campaigning for changes to boost sales. Below is what I saw in the February stats. As always, these are just selected highlights. The full set of market charts is available on SlideShare. 1) February should've been better I took the same title for a point in January and changed the month: the same story. You all know the big hullabaloo over the stress test on insured mortgages (20%... [read more]

Toronto Real Estate returns report: 20 years of ROI - Q2 2019

Wednesday Jul 31st, 2019


Are you curious how your house or condo has appreciated over time compared to the average in the city? Or how those average price increases look versus the stock market? Well then you came to the right place. I've been compiling this after the June and December market statistics are released. I will show some of the charts in this blog post, but for the full picture, the entire ROI report is available on the ROI report section of my website, or... [read more]

November 2019 charts: Why are condos so hot?

Friday Dec 06th, 2019


Here's your Toronto real estate market report for November. After a slow start to the year (continuing where 2018 left off), the last 8 months have all been up double-digits in sales volumes, with November coming in at +14.2% across the GTA. The climb back in sales from a very low 2018 (78,017 sales was lowest since 2008) has been going on for months. But the year-over-year (YoY) increase in prices are a huge story, as is whatever the heck is going on with condos. Below are my top... [read more]

December 2019 charts: Listings scarcity alert

Wednesday Jan 08th, 2020


Here's your Toronto real estate market report for the month of December - and for the end of the year 2019 A.D. After a slow Q1 (continuing where 2018 left off), the last three quarters have had double-digit gains in sales volumes, and year-over-year (YoY) price increases have been accelerating. The return of sales volume was from the lowest GTA level (78,017) since 2008, so it's a little easier to look good comparatively.  Below are my top observations of the... [read more]