Toronto Life's Next Hot Neighbourhoods list

Wednesday Oct 18th, 2017


I received the new Toronto Life in my mailbox yesterday. I'm sure you'll see more online about this soon, as they tend to bleed the magazine's content out over the course of the month. (Update: story is now posted). So of course I read the Next Hot Neighbourhoods cover story with interest. In prior years they did a "Where To Buy Now" and it was typically 10 neighourhoods in the 416 (12 in 2015). This year they have expanded it to 20... [read more]

How NOT to climb the property ladder (Toronto Life article)

Wednesday Oct 25th, 2017


The November 2017 issue of Toronto Life seems to have given me a lot to write about since I just posted my take on their "Next Hot Neighbourhoods" cover article. This post is about a semi-regular feature called "Property Ladder" where they show the journey where people have climbed from a starter home worth X to their current home worth Y. It generally is presented like "Wow, look at the great house they have now. These people were so smart/fortunate to get in... [read more]

On million dollar homes and affordability

Friday Nov 4th, 2016


I read some bad articles on real estate. The market is crazy enough without people writing articles with no factual basis that stoke the fires of panic, so it's time I start having at them. The main problems with today's subject article are the sensational headline, and bad (or non-existent) analysis. Here is the recent CBC article I'll be discussing. Right off the bat, it tries to grab you with "This neighbourhood might just be one the last remaining affordable... [read more]



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