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What I am seeing on the ground in COVID-19 times

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SARS outbreak of 2003 - did it affect Toronto's real estate market?

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February 2020 charts: are things out of hand again?

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Toronto Real Estate returns report: 20 years of ROI - Q4 2019

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January 2020 charts: smelling a bit like 2017

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Which Toronto neighbourhoods had the largest price changes in 2019?

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Toronto's most and least expensive neighbourhoods in 2019

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MLS Awards: Most and least expensive Toronto MLS sales of 2019

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December 2019 charts: Listings scarcity alert

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2019 predictions - How did I do?

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Purplebricks (and other disruptors) haven't been too disruptive

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May 2019 charts: stress test, schmess test

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12 Risks of buying pre-construction condos

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April 2019 charts: big boost in sales

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March 2019 charts: Let's talk about condos

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Toronto neighbourhoods - 2018's biggest gainers and losers

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Toronto's most and least expensive neighbourhoods in 2018

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