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Wednesday Feb 13th, 2019


I used to have a searchable archive of all blog posts from 2016 to 2018 on my Century 21 website. However Century 21 changed over their websites to a new provider and now those links are gone. Thanks for that totally smooth changeover!

I have now painstakingly migrated over all of my pre-2019 entries onto the website you're on now. That is, all of them except the monthly reports; I figured people probably wouldn't care too much now about how the Toronto real estate marekt looked in November 2016. I've got all the monthly market charts from December 2018 onwards here on this site, but if you're curious about any older charts you can find them here on my SlideShare.

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Would you like to make better-informed real estate decisions? I believe knowledge is power. For that reason I invest a lot of time researching and analyzing data and trends in the Toronto real estate market. My Chartered Accountant (CPA, CA) side also compels me to perform a lot more due diligence on properties my clients are interested in purchasing. If you have better information, you should have less risk and be in a position to make better decisions for your hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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