Toronto Life's Next Hot Neighbourhoods list

Wednesday Oct 18th, 2017


I received the new Toronto Life in my mailbox yesterday. I'm sure you'll see more online about this soon, as they tend to bleed the magazine's content out over the course of the month. (Update: story is now posted). So of course I read the Next Hot Neighbourhoods cover story with interest. In prior years they did a "Where To Buy Now" and it was typically 10 neighourhoods in the 416 (12 in 2015). This year they have expanded it to 20... [read more]

Which Toronto neighbourhoods had the largest price changes in 2016?

Wednesday Feb 22nd, 2017


Pricey Central neighbourhoods in the north part of the city dominated  For this first of a three part series I compiled and analyzed Toronto Real Estate Board ("TREB") data from more than 24,000 sales of detached houses in 2015 and 2016 to calculate the year-over-year price change by neighbourhood. Last year featured strong demand and extremely low inventory of re-sale houses and condos leading to intense competition. Multiple offer situations and... [read more]

Where in Toronto are homes quickest (and slowest) to sell

Friday Feb 24th, 2017


This is the third part in a three part series, mapping out information and statistics on all 144 Toronto neighbourhoods.  Part 1 talked about price increases, while Part 2 looked at the most and least expensive neighbourhoods. Part 3 will now discuss the what neighbourhoods are the quickest and slowest to sell. East is the Least For context, the average detached house in Toronto sold in 13.7 days in 2016. The median neighbourhood average... [read more]

Toronto's most and least expensive neighbourhoods in 2018

Tuesday Feb 26th, 2019


I last looked at this in 2016. Actually, in a 3 part series I looked at annual prices increases/decreases in each neighbourhood, most and least expensive neighbourhoods, and which hoods were quickest/slowest to sell. Everything in 2016 was on the upswing, and this time it's a little different so it was interesting to re-visit. So let's look at the current lay of the land, as well as what's changed in the last couple of years. The same as last time, I decided to... [read more]

Toronto neighbourhoods - 2018's biggest gainers and losers

Thursday Feb 28th, 2019


This is the second post in a two-part series taking a deep dive into 2018 neighbourhood statistics. The first part listed Toronto's most and least expensive neighbourhoods. This post will look at where prices are rising and falling the steepest. The last time I looked at this was back in 2016. There were some steep risers that year - over 15 hoods with 30% year-over-year price growth. The lay of the land is a lot different now. In this analysis, I'm only looking at average... [read more]