What I am seeing on the ground in COVID-19 times

Monday Mar 23rd, 2020


These are wild times. New proclamations are coming out seemingly daily from all levels of government, with the latest (at time of writing) being the Ontario government closing all non-essential businesses as at 11:59 PM Tuesday. I'm getting clients, people on my social media, and friends and relatives reaching out and asking me what affect I think it will have on Toronto's real estate market. So I figured I should write this blog post. (In earlier days, I took a look at whether the 2003... [read more]

SARS outbreak of 2003 - did it affect Toronto's real estate market?

Thursday Mar 12th, 2020


There's a possibility you've noticed Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is in the news a lot recently. Toronto's real estate market has been going gangbusters so far this year. Obviously COVID-19 is having a much larger global impact, both in terms of countries shutting down, and in terms of financial markets. So I'm not saying SARS and COVID-19 are apples to apples things because you can never look at these things in isolation as so many other factors come into... [read more]

Purplebricks (and other disruptors) haven't been too disruptive

Thursday Jun 13th, 2019


The Globe & Mail just ran a large article (subscribers only) on Purplebricks, a budget brokerage that's newer to the Canadian market, as well as a couple of other self-identified disruptors entering the Canadian real estate market. I provided some analysis that I had done for the article, but they just ran a few bits of it, so I thought this would be a good place to share the full numbers I looked at, as well as give some commentary on the article... [read more]

February 2020 charts: are things out of hand again?

Thursday Mar 05th, 2020


Here's your Toronto real estate market report for the month of February. The year has jumped off to a strong start, exhibiting signs of an extreme seller's market similar to early 2017. In fact, I just wrote a blog entitled "Just how closely does early 2020 resemble early 2017 in Toronto real estate?" because that's a popular headline now. My conclusion - and the same is my overall message for this month, is that there were a lot of statistics that were... [read more]

January 2019 charts: off to a rough start

Friday Feb 15th, 2019


Here's your Toronto real estate market report for January. It's a slow start for 2019. Below is what I saw in the January stats. As always, these are just selected highlights. The full set of market charts is available on SlideShare. 1) 416 weighing down the GTA (for a change) In TREB's January Market Watch report they note "It is encouraging to see the slight increase in January transactions on a year-over-year basis, even with the inclement weather... [read more]